Friday, July 30, 2010

I Love My Town

One hot summer day, I thought about this. Aside from Manhattan, I have never felt as passionate about a city as I do about Lyon. For me, it is a perfect city—not too big, not too much traffic, profound culture and history, ethnic diversity, an easy metro and fab urban bike system, magnificent architecture, cute guys, easy access to the south of France, the Rhone wine country, skiing in the Alpes and Paris by high speed train. But what I love most about Lyon is the near perfect (pour moi au moins) urban quality of life.

It's such big love between me and Lyon that I had to design a t-shirt for Basic French. Dan Baxter, my good friend and the most talented illustrator and animal portrait artist I know, is pictured here sporting his. Go Dan!!!

Crushing on your home town and need to wear a Basic French J'aime ma ville t-shirt?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Great Quote

"I don't know what I'm capable of doing, but, by God, I have genius--I know too well to blush behind it." --Thomas Wolfe

Friday, July 23, 2010

Justice Dancing in Times Square

Camp Simcha is a camp for kids with childhood illnesses and my friend Jayne's son, an amazing boy (the trooper of all troopers) was part of this fabulous celebration in the middle of Times Square—counselors and campers celebrating life and having a blast! Justice is the short one in the middle. Check out Chai Lifeline, the incredible non-profit organization behind this life-affirming event on Facebook, whose mission is to "bring joy to seriously ill children and hope to their families."