Monday, August 01, 2005

Dans les Valises

I’m packing today to come home. Yuck. I hate this part, but at least I get to come back in 3 weeks for Salon Maison et Objet. Should be fun. We need some new stuff at Basic French for Xmas. We’ve been soooooo busy this summer.

Anyway, I’m depressed about leaving, but when I get home, I am going to post all the notes that I wrote while here as if I am still here and not there. I also took tons of digital photos, so if I can only learn to post them, it will be gooooooood. Amazing that on vacation I have no free time, and at home I imagine I’ll have more. Hmmmmmm. How’s that gonna work?

Can’t wait to see Clementine (adorable, snuggly, german short-haired pointer who eats foie gras and steaks and anything off the table and thinks she’s a lapdog,) and talk to my friends and family and BF folks. Excited about working. I have big plans for BF for this year, both the web and a new catalogue in the works. Changing venues has been excellent for my head. I have so many new ideas.

Tune in later this week for photos and what actually happened in the last month. I bought a ton of stuff for BF and shipped back 12 cartons. Coordinated another shipment from Marseille with lots of new bath products. Exciting. Okay, now I have to pack while the girls are sleeping...


Annie said...

Hi Carol,
I enjoyed reading your blog last summer and would love to hear more about your adventures this year. Are you planning on keeping it up?

Lily said...

Hi, I just recenty discovered Basic French online and somehow stumbled upon your blog- both are lovely places to visit :)