Thursday, April 17, 2008

Silence Speaks Louder Than Words

Where I come from, silence has a very loud message...disapproval, so no wonder I have the hardest time listening to silence. I attribute all kinds of bad judgements to it—suddenly, I am the kid in trouble, feeling desperate to win back approval, whatever the price (cher;) These days, I have been hearing a lot of silence and my reaction has been different. Yes, I've run thru the litany of self-deprecating insults already. I've felt sad, I've felt insulted, I've felt wronged, misunderstood, ashamed, embarassed, shocked. I swear, I have felt it all at the same time, but the resounding feeling, the feeling I woke up with yesterday, today is this:
I feel free. You gotta love it! Embrace the silence!

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