Friday, May 15, 2009

Les Ados + being an Expatriate

Oh la la to be 14 again (no thanks :) I never pictured myself living on my own with 2 teenage girls and 2 dogs in France. But, here I am and while this is truly the most challenging experience I have every had, it is also the coolest and most fulfilling. Every single day, I am stretched in ways I have never been before. fascinating/hard/lonely/amazing/thrilling/frustrating/allthat


Denise said...

sounds wonderful! I would love to move to Europe for a year or two!

The Pear Tree said...

I have moved my little family to rural Vermont and have been stretched ever since ( I am more a warm weather/beachy kind of person...). Its is so interesting this life we choose. Your blog is interesting, I can't wait to bring my girls to France.