Monday, June 01, 2009

Vide Grenier

In a little town, Grezieu le marché, on the border of the Rhone and the Loire, this is what I found this morning. I love to go antiquing and yard saleing. I am a born buyer and it gives me such pleasure to find beautiful things and see them come together. I always have a theme, a story, going in my head, which could be color, subject matter, style or some other unifying factor. One week I might be taken by imagery of woman, or vintage typography, things that are silver toned, things that have been stamped, rustic ironstone. And it is only when I arrive home with my basket filled with stuff, that I become aware of the thoughts that lead me around all day, all week, all month, all year.


Jodie B-C said...

I love this collection! I try to imagine what treasures you find at yard sales in seems like such an adventure from my perspective here in South Dakota!

victoria thorne said...

love this & thanks for the follow

you've got great style!