Monday, January 10, 2011

The Best Grandmother Ever!

Before the holidays, we got an order at Basic French from one of our favorite clients, Ginger. She wanted to find something special for her very accomplished granddaughter. She's very proud of her!

We were so excited when Tal herself (beautiful and bronze in her marinière dress,) sent us this amazing picture, taken in December by her boyfriend in Aruba. Wow, I wish I had a grandmother that cool! Yay Ginger! You win the best grandmother of the year award!

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north pal said...

yipes, i am falling behind on your blog. guess i was too busy checking out B.F. for what i wanted to purchase from you. yes,what a beauty. would you like to have photo of me dusting with my french dusting cloths? i am way kidding. i think it would have been nice just to have had a grandma. i am sure the young lady does know how lucky she is. grandma's are a great gift. Bestest,Denise