Thursday, October 06, 2011

Depots Vente

Being the ardent, avid, yardsaler, antiquer, picker that I am and have always been, I have managed to track down many of best the consignment stores (depots vente) in Lyon. But the one that I like the best, that I have bought the most memorable things in is actually on my street, rue de Remparts D'ainay. Drawing from my rather conservative, hidden wealthy catholic neighborhood, the merchandise can be just amazing (18th century portraits for 80 euros) or not so interesting.

Like all good second-hand or antique stores, you just have to go on a regular basis, which is what I try to do. I have always found great solace and inspiration in looking at old stuff and even when I was a graphic designer, I used browsing second-hand stores and antique stores as a way of making aesthetic connections and coming up with fresh and vital concepts. That and cleaning have always been really good ways for me to spend my time and conceptually work things through. Quirky, I know.

These days however, I am not buying much because I have a house and apartment full of stuff and the prospect of emptying them both and moving back to New York ahead of me. Yes, the decision has been made. We are officially moving back in July. So very excited to be back in the city after this incredible one year adventure that turned into 5. Wow, time flies.


north pal said...

ohhhh my gosh. i know i have not read your blog in a long time. so, according to this last one, you are back in New York. i am very surprised and feel somewhat sad. and i am not sure why? is it cuz, i will miss your blogs and stories of your life in France or for you and that this must have such a hard decision. what's in the future? no more blogs and no more Basic French? or a new path in life? i will wait to see what i hear of your future. Bestest,Denise

Rhonda said...

I'm sure anyone would trade places with you in a heartbeat. Living in France is a dream of mine, one year or 5, I'd take whatever time I could.

Please be sure to buy as much as you can afford, don't leave a treasure behind to haunt you....I've done that.

I love your stories of France, as seen through your eyes.