Tuesday, January 03, 2012

A Most Wonderful New Year

2011 has been a wonderful gift, a year that breathed new life into Basic French. I am so thrilled to have such amazing clients and friends that follow our French adventures, that write us cheery and encouraging words and that share their own favorites French anecdotes each day. Cheers to all of you and to an exciting 2012. Meilleurs Vœux!


Clare said...

Gear Carol,
Glad to hear you are moving forward with Basic French. Hope you also come to Playtime Paris at the end of January. You will find many beautiful items for children at this very special trade show with international exhibitors.
Sorry to hear you are leaving Lyon, but happy to have to back in NY as well.
Happy New Year.

Carol said...

Hi Clare,

Thanks for your message. Are you involved in Playtime Paris? Can you give me the details? I am going to Masion et Objets on the 20th.

We are excited about being in the city and looking for a venue for a mini Basic French store, if you have any ideas. Would love your feedback!

A bientot,


Marcia said...

Hi Carol!I met you last year at Brooklyn Flea,I told you that I had been following your blog forever & how much I loved it(old woman(me) son lives in Brooklyn.,I live south of Boston,wish I were closer would LOVE to work for you! So happy that you will be doing antiques!!!!See you at the Flea I hope!Happy & Healthy New Year!