Monday, September 20, 2010

Loving the Contrast

We were all so happy to get back to Lyon after the craziness (and expensiveness of Paris.) Really and truly, Paris is too busy for me.

I am essentially half country girl/half city girl, equally comfortable in the two environments. And after such a crazy trip, we all needed to recuperate in the country.

We lounged all weekend and the weather was perfect. We ate every meal outside (except the first night when we had to light a fire to heat up our 200 year old stone house,) toured around a bit, shopped the amazing farmers market in St Symphorien sur Coise, passed by the butcher and boulangerie, made very authentic meals, star gazed, chatted outside in the field which we call our patio, saw our lovely neighbors Zizou and Joseph and went to a yard sale to visit my good friend Isabelle Grange, a fabulous painter.

Such a perfect weekend that Bob wanted to stay, and I was tempted too. But it's back to reality we go. Whoppee!

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