Monday, September 06, 2010

To Combi or not to Combi?

I know the summer is over but the weather is still temperate here in Lyon and it seems that les lyonnaises are trying to get the most out of their summer outfits and most notably, their combi-shorts. Ok, I know I am not 5'8", 110 lbs and a size 4, and perhaps if I was I would have a different take on the combi, but truly, it is one fashion style that I just don't understand. This summer it was all the rage: combi-shorts, combi-pants, combi-pedalpushers, in liberty, in silk, belted, cinched, you name it, the combi was there. I guess they just remind me of a play suit, a romper, a jumper, a jump suit and they seem to infantalize the women wearing them. Since I am someone who likes to be taken seriously, probably to a flaw I might add, I could never be caught dead in a combi. Perhaps it's a take on femininity that I just don't appreciate? What do you think?

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Maria S. said...

Big-ish here in L.A., especially among the junior to high school set. I'm with you. I totally un-understand. I just look at them and think, why is anyone out of diapers wearing a onsie?