Monday, December 06, 2010

Dans les Valises

Actually I wish I could actually say that I was "dans les valises," busy packing my bags. That always seems to be a last minute event for me, 2 in the morning kind of thing. Thank God I am a light packer. This trip my bags are going to be filled with merchandise for the market in Brooklyn, exciting stuff that I hope arrives before I leave Lyon. Yikes it's a tight squeeze. And I still have 3 cartons + to send—one a day, that's my motto.

Anyway, the weather is turning balmy after some mighty snowy days. And since Abbie and I are so rarely pictured together, I thought I would pop this photo on. Time for me to get some new glasses. The nerdy look is getting a bit old!

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north pal said...

carol,who took the photo? your other daughter? hey, got my o'cedar dust wipes today. soon i will give them a try. but, if i use them of course that means dusting the furniture. they smell good. can't wait to spread the scent all over my furn. Good day to you.Bestest,Denise