Saturday, December 18, 2010

Doing the Brooklyn Thing

It's been two days now that we've had our first Brooklyn-based pop up store at One Hanson Place. Everyone seemed to know about Brooklyn flea but me, and it is amazing. Setting up was stressful and I would say that today, we are starting to feel at home, as if things are a bit under control. We've got some fabulous neighbors. Across the aisle is "dAN's Parent's House," a funky collection of Star Wars action figures, block and tackle pulleys, old letterpress type, vintage gum ball machines, and a poodle decanter with six shot glasses. He plays Vampire Weekend, one of our favorite New York bands, and the girls and I dance around.

Right next to us is Twig, that's Katy and Michelle, the amazing terrarium makers. Tomorrow morning, they are doing a special terrarium-making event with Grace from design*sponge.

Today I did a little shopping myself (I think I've spent more $$ than I've earned) and I bought two gorgeous hand-block printed notebooks and a set of colorful note cards–all one of a kind from Beau Ideal Editions.

Anyway, it's been so fun and I'm learning a lot. The girls have helped me so much. Here are some pics that Hallie took with her new camera. Stay tuned...

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