Monday, November 28, 2011

Mood Boards in My Head

 It's Pinteresting that people now create collages, virtual mood boards, online rather than in their actual physical space and with active intent, rather than by accident. I don't know, I guess I am getting old but all of the real artsy people that I know (like my pal Wanda,) live a mood board. Their world and their imagination is their canvas. So again, I find I am out of sync with this new effort to render everyone an artist with something fabulous to share with the world. We are so public these days. Seeking approval?

To me this is the sign of things about to go in reverse. Technology has rendered things too accessible and taken the special out of collage, genericized it, just the way the advent of the non-professional desk top publishing software made every computer user think they were actually a graphic designer. Seriously. That's when I stopped wanting to be a graphic designer. It was too discouraging to see a field that I had so revered become so burdened with crappy typography and clip art. We always do this to ourselves. We want everyone to be able to do everything. We are trying to keep ourselves busy I think.

I like the idea of specializing, of people being different, which does not mean you have to do the same thing all your life or be pigeon-holed. Careers cross over, life leads you in many different directions. We meander. I apologize, I really am ranting a bit these days,  first about people trying to be too perfect, and now about this. But I am getting annoyed. Instead of joining in (I am very social but I have never been a joiner,) I am just going to continue to do what I have always done and create little periodic transient vignettes in my head and around, and then move on.


lejardengirl said...

yes...i agree, seeking imperfection is one of my goals, for it shows you how that person trully is...and creates a level of being human...thanks for just being who you are...beth

Carol said...

Thank you for appreciating that, really. I guess that's what we're missing these days, that human touch. Maybe it's like wartime movies, when everyone pretends that everything is ok because it's not. We create perfect pictures. Our way of moving on from the financial crisis? what do you think?

Melinda Johns said...

I agree that living in the physical world, i.e. of collage, etc. is far more rewarding than the virtual world. Technology is a tool, but like many, used far less for it's potential to improve the world, but to entertain the masses. I confess I do like pinterest, it's fast and satisfying, but my design skills, and training as an artist translate through that media, like others. I far prefer to cut and paste for real satisfaction though! thanks for sharing your thoughts Carol.

Stacy said...

You have inspired me! After reading this I immediately created a Christmas vignette I had been imagining for several days. I love beautiful things and surrounding myself with them, but often do not take the time to do the beautiful thing I am thinking.

Thank you for inspiring me to live a beautiful life.