Friday, December 09, 2011

The Real Thing + Organic Karma!

Raglan Sleeve Pullover, Organic by John Patrick 

For as long as I can remember, John Patrick has been a loyal fan of Basic French, back when we were just a blossoming little boutique in the Hudson Valley. And not just loyal, he's been my cheerleader. He sends me words of encouragement from out in cyberspace, that keep me going for months. When someone validates your point of view, it makes it all worthwhile.

Jane Webb's interview in really encapsulates JP's style, process and raison d'être—his artistry. And this video from Lexus, that he very modestly sent me just for fun, his recognition as a leader in the "sustainable/green fashion industry."

 John Patrick has been doing "organic" long before organic, DIY and handmade were trendy, and his new collection at ORGANIC, is beautiful, wearable, perfect.

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