Monday, January 04, 2010

Encore de la Neige

This morning we woke up and Lyon was covered in snow.
It was like magic.
Our apartment looks out on a square and all the terracotta rooftops of our neighborhood. Snow-covered. We are on the top floor so we see everything. The girls reluctantly put on hats and scarves and all the forgotten Winter gear. Hallie left for school at 7 and it was still pitch black. The sun came up before Abbie took off at 8, but barely. All the buses were canceled and many teachers did not make it to work at all. This is not a city used to snow, that's for sure.

Tonight, it snowed again and the streets were quiet and slushy. My dream would be for it all to disappear overnight, for the streets to
be clean and dry when I look out my window tomorrow morning — more overnight magic please.

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