Friday, January 01, 2010

Home is Where We Are...

It's the New Year. Bonne Année.

We just got back last night from 19 days in the states. I slept so well. Complex dreams, but a feeling of safety engulfed me. I was sleeping in my own little bed with my own 100% cotton sheets under my own little duvet in my eclectically designed room surrounded by all the quirky things that define me, with my 2 lovely daughters snuggled in their own little room under their own little duvets. Truly snug in our beds. Home.

I keep asking myself where I live? Where do I call home? All those who want me back in the states call the U.S. my home, but I realized last night, as I realize every time that I come back to France, that though while not perfect, France has become, for at least as long as I can see into the future, my home, the place where I feel most like myself, where I feel safe and clean and clear in my head.

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