Monday, October 11, 2010

Rubens-esque Industrial Design!

I am wondering if it is me or if all kitchen products worldwide are as curvaceous as French products. I was just minding my own business, washing my little French dishes with Mir peaux sensibles aloe vera dish soap, using my super flash sponge and smelling my intoxicating Roi Soleil Cire Trudon candle when it dawned on me that all the products I use in the kitchen have a voluptuous form. Now I ask you, is this me or is this very clever, subliminal industrial design/marketing on behalf of the French? Are the industrial designers here secretly all rebellious feminists, trying to get men to spend more time in the kitchen or make those of us who do feel at home? At least this is one place where you don't have to be 6' 2" and 110 lbs. Any thoughts?


Rhonda said...

Everything is better in France, isn't it? You are so funny. Now I want that dish soap very much. Will it prevent me from eating so much? The curvy bottle will remind me to stay in shape, no?

Carol said...

It's so true though. Now I realize that everything here is like that. Maybe that's why the French women are so skinny!