Monday, October 18, 2010

Sweet Sixteen a la Francaise

Yesterday was Hallie's 16th birthday and of course I am just floored that someone as young as I has a 16 year old. I never imagined having teenagers. I definitely thought a lot about having babies, and toddlers crossed my mind, but in my early maternal fantasies, I never pictured me with adolescent children. I can tell you though, it is the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me, having my girls. Better than any fantasy of my youth. And Hallie at 16 is just divine!

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north pal said...

you are absolutely correct, she is a beauty,but then look at her mother who is has fresh and exciting ideas. Happy belated Birthday,Hallie. guess who is waiting for her new candle? she is patiently awaiting for a cire trudon~spiritus sancti. she decided to go with a different than yours. she is so excited,but would be so dead if hubby knew the cost. have to admit that she does a few secrets. that's what make women mysterious,i think that is what is does. :) Bestest,Denise