Friday, September 23, 2011

Les Puces du Canal

Going to the marché aux puces is probably my favorite thing in the world to do. Sometimes, I wonder how I got into importing new products (though I love that too!) I like to find the diamond in the rough. I love to buy along a particular theme which manifests itself at the end of the day. It's as if I have little imagistic scenarios dancing in my head and like during a good therapy session, you exorcise them and you move on (or not.) I am always working on an aesthetic theme, passing from one forming visual collage to another.

These days, I am really into upholstered furniture and fabric and I will tell you why. I am taking upholstery class (my fantasy depuis très longtemps,) and I am going to become a master upholsterer (un maître tapissier)...haha, that is before I leave this planet!

Tapissier par Teleformation-Savoirs


Kim said...

I always enjoy your videos! Loved the one where you showed your home you wanted to rent a while back. You have a beautiful voice, too, my friend. Please take us on more video adventures with you. :) I am always happy to see you have posted a new blog message. I live in Seattle but hope to visit your lovely area someday. xoxo Kim

Rhonda said...

Ok, Carol, did you hear what you just said? You LOVE the old and worn, you should incorporate them into your shop. We Americans j'adore French brocante items.....just a thought.