Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Usual Haul

No seriously, this is just the usual haul from our favorite country grocery store.

flax bread
duck paté
pork and herb sausage
mini vache aperitif cheeses
yogurt drinks
local rosé
hand pressed juice
honey yogurt
plain yogurt
sheep's yogurt
homemade raspberry preserve

I realize that we eat very simple clean food, and I am now so used to it, I practically have a heart attack when I go into an American grocery store. So many options, so little un-packaged truly fresh food. It doesn't make sense. In France, even those of modest means can eat well (if they choose to) as there is a market in almost every village or city. I love the states, but I sure would be happier there if I could easily and affordably continue to eat like this. I know you can eat well in New York, but easily and affordably? I am not sure.

Support your local farmer today!!


Laura said...

Hi Carol, just checked in with your blog today to catch up. Have been away for awhile and must say as always, it is charming and informative as ever. The grocery list makes me envious. Yes, we have Whole Foods in Santa Fe and for that I am grateful. However, as you stated, finding the same freshness and cost point is quite another thing in the States.
Hope you had a nice summer and will keep making great videos of your adventures through the fall.

Best to you,
Laura Cumming

Rhonda said...

Carol, this is so true. When I lived in the city of Chicago, I shopped more frequently and therefore ate fresher and better tasting foods.

I just loved your last video of the brocante....makes me miss the shopping I got to do in France.

I had a great conversation with a friend last night at a dinner party about Lyon and how she wants to live there one day.

I've never been to Lyon but if she ever goes back and she is taking me with her. lol